Terms And Conditions

  • This contract governs the purchase of products and/or services at the websitewww.bornbound.com, managed by Born Bound, LLC.
  • The Service Provider reserves the right to modify the present ordering termswithout advance notice, without affecting the goods or promotions that wereacquired prior to the modification. Purchase terms and conditions may undergoalterations, you should read them before making any purchase on this website.
  • By accepting this document, you agree to:
  1. You read and understand all clauses within this document
  2. You have the right to purchase this item
  3. You agree through this purchase, to be bound by the contract below
  • The terms and conditions in this document shall be valid for an indefinite periodof time and apply to all the purchases made at this website.
  • By entering this website and/or making a purchase, you agree to be bound by thegeneral terms.
  • This website includes many platforms of media – graphics, videos, photography,software, text, which are protected by intellectual property rights.
  • As this website is under sole ownership, the owners have the ability to alter orcancel any items.
  • This contract governs all purchase transactions between Born Bound LLC. andthe user of this website.
BB PROPERTY RIGHTS (intellectual and industrial)
  • All contents of this website will be owned, managed and controlled by BornBound, LLC.
  • Access to this website does not entitle users to any ownership or intellectualproperty.
  • Must begin by logging in as a New Member ( get discount / special item ) orguest.
  • New Member: personal information will be entered by free will and bypurchasing, you are agreeing to the terms of the purchase.
  • Must be 18 years or older. Minor must be accompanied by parents / guardianswho are accountable for the transaction.
  • Please record User ID and Password for future access and keep confidential.
  • Owner and service provider are entitled to hold users responsible for misuse,damage, or theft and have the right to block any user from site or purchase.
  • Order may be canceled prior to delivery, consumer will be responsible for anyadditional incurred freight charges.
  • We will refund your CC the cost of the item minus freight.
  • If the order has ​NOT ​left the Born Bound facility, 100% of your refund will beprocessed on the credit card used.
  • Born Bound will use the shipping address provided.
  • Born Bound is NOT responsible for locating packages that were “failed to deliver”due to incomplete or inaccurate information provided by the consumer
  • Born Bound will make it a priority to ship all items on hand within 48 hours ofreceipt of order (​excluding weekends).
  • If there is an issue with your order or an item is not in stock, you will be notifiedby Born Bound with an updated and estimated “ in hand date “.
  • 100% inventory is subject to stock availability.
  • You will be notified if the item selected is unavailable, allowing you:
  1. Time to update your item selected to a similar item in stock
  2. The option to wait for shipment, based on the Estimated Wait time provided
  3. Cancel your existing order
  • Payment Options: credit card, debit card, or PayPal.
  • In order to process payment, personal information will be required:
  1. Name
  2. Credit card information
  3. Address + Zip Code
  • Once the transaction is approved, you will receive an email confirming thepurchase.
  • Prices listed for each item are in US dollars and do not include sales tax orshipping rates.
  • Shipping rates are displayed prior to order being processed and paid for.
  • Prices can be altered without notice by Born Bound, LLC.
  • Shipping rates vary based on the final ship to location.
  • All additional charges such as customs, duty, or tax fees are to be paid and arethe responsibility of the purchaser/ customer.
  • Born Bound, LLC has no control over additional shipping charges that mightapply into each selected territory.
BB EXCHANGES AND RETURNS ( this policy will evaluated every 6 monthsbased on pandemic )
  • ALL PURCHASES FINAL: In order to mitigate future health concerns for allcustomers and staff, due to the pandemic, Born Bound is unable to acceptreturns for refunds.
  • Born Bound stands behind this policy in order to ensure maximum safety for allthose involved n the order process
  • All purchases final: In order to mitigate future health concerns for all customersand staff, due to the pandemic.
  • Please email questions concerning your order to ​return@bornbound.com
  • Do not ship back items to Born Bound, LLC

All items shipped by Born Bound, LLC are brand new. If by chance a defective or faultyitem(s) arrives, please indicate this on the delivery slip and inform the courier at time ofdelivery. Further, email ​info@bornbound.com​, and inform our team in detail, the issuewith the item received. In order for Born Bound, LLC to acknowledge a damaged item,an email is ​required​ within 24 hrs of receipt of good(s).


Born Bound, LLC requires a 48 hour process time to ship all orders in stock, excludingweekends. Born Bound Items will be hand picked, inspected, and shipped by a certifiedBorn Bound staff member!

100% Born Bound Domestic Items will ship UPS or USPS.

100% Born Bound International Items will ship DHL Express or UPS InternationalSaver.

  • Prices displayed at time of shipping do not include customs duties, fees or taxes.
  • Once shipments reach the destination country, shipments may be subject toadditional charges regarding importing that Born Bound, LLC is not able tocontrol or inform the customer on.
  • The customs duties and fees, import taxes must be paid by the customer prior tothe package being released.

The purchase of the products and/or services at the website www.bornbound.com, aremanaged by Born Bound, LLC (hereinafter, the Service Provider) is a company which ishired by Born Bound, LLC which reserves the right to alter or modify any of the presentordering terms without advance notice. This would not affect the goods or promotionsavailable prior to the modification. Since all conditions may change, please always readthrough the purchase terms and conditions prior to ordering on ​www.bornbound.com​.

You must be 18 years or older, in order to place orders on this website. The parent/sand/or guardian/s are responsible for the transaction if the user placing the order isunder age of 18.
One must provide personal information at your own free will, as well as agree to theterms and conditions In order to create a user’s account.

To register an account, please enter a user ID (email address), a password, followed bysecurity questions. Write down and keep confidential your information used to createyour account. Failure by the user to properly handle personal information will not resultin liability for the service provider.

A user is able to reset their password at any time following the instructions on the loginpage.

If there are outstanding payments, committed fraud, or any other misconduct or use ofthis website, the service provider has the right to block access. Users will be heldaccountable for any misuse of the website or third parties that involve misuse ortampering.


The Service Provider whose products and/or services are purchased by the useris Born Bound, LLC – registered in the State of Texas, USA.